Retaining Walls – Ham Lake and Twin Cities MN

Solid block retaining walls are better and stronger than wood and will last the lifetime of your home. Block retaining walls are versatile and are available many style and color options. If you want to add more yard space, an extra parking spot, or want tiered walls for planting, we can help you create it.

We provide products from more than four different block companies. We can help you find the look, style, and feel you are looking for to complement your home.

Retaining walls are also an attractive way to manage a variety of trouble areas in your landscaping area. Attractive and functional, they are used to keep gravity from moving your yard from where it is to where you don’t want it to go such as your driveway or sidewalk. While retaining walls may appear to be simple, straightforward projects, there are a number of factors that must be considered before they are built.

Even lower, smaller retaining walls must hold tons of earth from sliding. This weight, coupled with heavy rains and snows (in the Twin Cities, we know all about snow!) can begin to move your wall. Buckling and crumbling is generally caused by improper drainage and saturated dirt which weighs more than many walls are designed to withstand.

The water becomes even more challenging when it freezes and begins to expand. This is why is it very important to get a professional landscaping contractor to help you with your retaining wall project.

At the Greenery Schack Landscaping, we not only have a number of block styles and colors to make your completed project look fantastic, we also have the experience to make sure your wall is built correctly the first time. This ensures that you’re spending your time enjoying your retaining wall and not repairing it.