Pavers – Ham Lake and Twin Cities MN

Pavers are a versatile and gorgeous way to enhance your home and instantly add value and quality to your home. Available in a variety of sizes and color options, pavers are great for driveways as well as sidewalks and outdoor recreational areas such as pool areas or outdoor patios.

Pavers are designed to “breathe”. Because there is space between each paver, they are far more resilient and durable than asphalt. Freezes and thaws do not affect custom paved areas they way they can with pavement. You will find that buckling and cracking is not nearly as big an issue with an area designed of individual pavers than it is with a solid sheet of concrete. However, if you should manage to crack or damage a paver, it can be easily replaced without unsightly patches or fill materials that detract from your area’s appearance.

Colors can be mixed and matched to coordinate with your home’s paint and landscaping. Pavers can be used to make patterns and designs that will last as long as your home while maintaining their beautiful appearance. There is no substitute for a professionally installed paved area.

Curb appeal is a critical aspect of maintaining a home’s value. Pavers will provide you with a great look that you’ll enjoy as well as a resale value that’s tough to beat. When it comes to house value, few things will provide you with the return on your investment that you’ll get from a professionally installed paver driveway, patio, or walkway.

Would you like to learn more about custom pavers or see some design options? At the Greenery Schack Landscaping we can show you a variety of design options or help you to realize the vision you have for you property. Give us a call. We would love to hear from you and give you any information you might need.