Spring Cleaning: What Not to Do

Spring is officially here and homeowners in the Midwest are itching to get into their yards and spruce them up. While this is admirable, we'd like to step in and provide a word of caution: you may be getting out there too early! Read on for some spring yard cleaning tips of what not to do and contact the professional landscapers at The Greenery Schack to beautify your yard this summe...Read More

A Word of Caution When Booking Your Spring Landscaping Project

Spring is almost here! Aside from the scattered, fleeting snowstorms typical to the Midwest during early spring, the outdoors are getting themselves primed for the glories of summer. The days are longer, the air is warming, and your Twin Cities landscaping contractor is getting booked to beautify those outdoor spaces. With the recent housing market boom, landscape projects are expected to be co...Read More

Why You Should be Booking Your Landscaping Company Now

Winter is almost here!  With the unseasonably warm weather we've been enjoying in the Midwest, it's difficult to believe that we're already almost halfway through November.  Soon, we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving and then turning our attention toward snow, jingle bells, and holiday shopping.  Before the craziness of the season sets in, take some time to consider which landscap...Read More

Get Scheduled for a Spring Landscape Project this Fall

The changing of seasons inevitably brings busyness as we adapt to new patterns, routines, and responsibilities.  New goals are made, old ones fade into the background, and future dreams begin to take shape in our minds.  If you've been dreaming about a new patio or retaining wall, get on the schedule with The Greenery Schack for a spring landscape project. Whether your yard needs a fa...Read More

Residential Landscaping Experts in the Twin Cities Area

When we spend time outdoors either by ourselves enjoying the peace and quiet or with our families reveling in the joy they bring us, we feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and restored. At the Greenery Schack Landscaping, we understand that feeling and want to help you go one step further to make your outdoor living space into one you’ll dream about spending time in. As your residential landscaping exp...Read More